Our Marketing Philosophy

We believe that being transparent and working together is the best way to see success. Each account we touch, we treat ourselves like an extension of the business. The online game changes so frequent that it can be overwhelming, but with our agency, you can be stress free and allow us to handle the curve balls.


Display traffic is great at generating awareness. The cost-per-clicks are under $0.30 which allows your budget to be extended far. The amount you can spend is nearly endless due to inventory. If you’re trying to get attention to your brand, offer, or special event, this is a great way to do it if done properly.

Programmatic Display is similar to display but on steroids. Instead of relying on Google’s targeting factors, you’re able to take into multiple datasets in oder to target even lower funnel. If you’re aiming for a specific audience, this is your best bet to get your voice heard.

Facebook ads are great at generating attention. It’s always a smart idea to be where the users are, and most users spend on average 40 minutes per day on social media! By targeting your ads, you can make sure your message gets heard to the right audience, improving performance.

Video ads ran on either the Google Display Network or on YouTube are excellent at getting messages out to the masses. It’s a little more expensive than Display, but the engagement is where it counts. Many :15 ads can see click-through-rates of 2.5% or higher depending on the quality of content. This is a great option for condensing a TV budget due to the targeting and tracking ability.

Lead Generation

Facebook has a feature on the backend called Lead Generation ads. These are direct forms on the newsfeed similar to a Facebook ad. However, instead of taking users to your website to convert, the form pops up when a user clicks “Download Now” or something similar. These are great for events, ebooks, content, or some type of sales offer. It’s a great addition to the Facebook platform that can help conversion volume.

Retargeting ads are hard to find a home. They’re a little more in the middle, but if done properly, can be an excellent lead generation tool. These are the ads that follow users around the internet – creepy, right? They’re an effective tool because the user seeing the ad has already been to your website so they’re more familiar with your company. This allows them subconsciously to be more open to interact, and be brought back to the website – boosting potential conversions. They’re an excellent addition to any lead generation campaign, but not the sole driver in leads compared to PPC.


Discovery & Strategy

Prior to launching any account, we set up an introductory call to learn more about your goals and initiatives on a deeper scale. There are different marketing channels for different goals. In order to determine the channel right for your organization, we’ll discuss your current efforts (what’s working, what’s not) and finding the foundation we need to build off of in order to succeed. Whether you’re looking to increase season ticket holder numbers, increase leads, or just helping your business grow this is an essential step to set expectations and projections.

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Build & Implementation

Once we’ve agreed upon the direction of the campaign, our team gets to work on building the framework of the account. This is where our thorough keyword research, analysis, and strategy comes into play to fit your needs. We don’t cap the amount of keywords, ad groups, or campaigns for any account and acknowledge anything we build is yours to keep. Refreshing, right? Beyond keyword research, we’ll chat about the targeting of demographics and walk you through the ins and outs of the build so you feel comfortable with what is laid out.

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On-Going Analysis

Once the account is built and launched, the work doesn’t stop there. Each and every organization we partner with is an extension of our team. We utilize monthly performance meetings which includes monthly optimizations, strategy shifts, and any roll-outs from Google’s platform that you need to be aware of. Our job is to help your organization grow, but also take effort off your hands to focus on things at your arena or shop. We stay ahead of the game and pay attention to your account like it deserves. Our customer service will shine through and alleviate any hesitations you had about agencies before signing on.

Ready to chat? We are too. Send us a message and get the ball rolling.