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Our Belief & Ideology

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek

Any organization in any industry needs a foundation to stand on, a reason to believe, or a goal to strive for. As an agency, we’ve taken Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” to heart. Why are we doing what we’re doing? What gets us up out of bed every day and grind harder than yesterday? We want to be openly naked and fill you in on what makes us tick. We want to kick off with a statement of who we are and what we stand for in the marketing world.

Everything we do is based around customer service. We are a group of people with high morals dedicated to helping businesses anywhere get a leg up in marketing without having to spend their entire bank. Lucky for us, we’re damn good at it too. Being around the advertising industry for years, we’ve come to realize a few things. (1) How fun and intricate marketing is as a whole (2) Marketing agencies have notoriously gotten a bad wrap, and (3) There’s a lack of strong customer centricity across the industry whether agencies like to admit it or not.

(1) Marketing is a Fun Challenge

There are so many things that go into marketing that a lot people find it pretty confusing. The old adage is 50% of my marketing doesn’t work, the problem is I don’t know which half. Being a part of traditional & digital full-service agencies involved in everything from media plans, strategy, to production – it can be tricky to prove effectiveness and solve the puzzle. Especially if you’re skeptical about marketing or unsure how to read the results.

Traditional mediums are great for pushing people to your website or engaging with your brand, but without a successful digital campaign you won’t be able to track any effectiveness (how many people saw your billboard on Main Street?). Each and every channel online has it’s own way of being able to track clicks, interactions, and even reservations or purchases. In the end, all clients want the same thing – results. With digital marketing, we can answer what is working and what isn’t working simply by the data. This is why we love it. We can figure out for a fact (or at least close to it) what channels to use to squeeze the most out of your budget.

(2) Marketing Agencies Have a Bad Wrap

This one is the biggest hurdle to get over. Unfortunately, there are many agencies out there taking a wrong approach to the business. We couldn’t tell you how many audits we’ve implemented and have been baffled at the structure of the strategy or the account as a whole. It’s frustrating to see agencies out there charging an arm and a leg for poor performance. Now, we’re not sitting here saying we’re Mr. Know-it-alls and do everything perfectly. But we can say that we’ve learned a lot and know what the “right” and the “wrong” ways to build an account are. When an agency takes on a marketing channel they aren’t experts in, it’s clear as day.

With agencies charging through the roof and providing minimal results, it’s no wonder companies are skeptical about our industry. We take this to heart and actively challenge the present state of the industry. There are so many agencies that keep your information a secret with online dashboards or customized reporting. Some online dashboards are fantastic and don’t discount them at all, but there are other tools out there that report on bogus information to spike numbers. We firmly believe in being transparent and allow each client to own anything that we produce (account builds, creative, keyword strategies, and intellect). We want each client to smell the fresh Colorado air and realize that there are agencies out there that truly care about them – specifically us.

(3) There’s a Lack of Customer Centricity

Our partners pay our bills – we get zero from external funding. Most of digital marketing is about time, energy, and expertise. There are software tools everywhere to help us do our jobs, but most of it boils down to ingenuity and expertise. Many agencies have this – there are so many good marketers out there. However, there comes a time when expertise doesn’t overlap with customer service. Every email we write, every reporting call we have, and every strategy we come up with is built around you. You may not care what our click-through-rates are and only care about the conversion volume or cost per lead. We get it, so we customize everything to fit your needs.

Beyond customizing everything, we understand that there are many small businesses out there trying to take their own marketing plan in-house and eliminate the middle man. That’s totally cool with us, so much so that we welcome that. It’s our goal to provide enough marketing intelligence to you and your team that you can take things in-house and confidently know that it’s the right decision. Whether you’re in this boat right now or you’re 2-3 year plan is to move towards it, we have the experience to help. Not only do we provide on-going management for all of our partners, but we provide marketing training to anyone willing to learn. We love talking about marketing. We love training on marketing. The more you can know about the intricacies of online marketing, the better our relationship becomes since we can take conversations to the next level.

From the first email you receive and the first call we have, you’ll sense the pride we have as an agency in being friendly, trustworthy, and confident.

Brand Promise

We understand there are literally thousands of other agencies out there that do what we do. By working in the industry for years and being parts of incredible teams along the way, we’ve come to realize that we bring something different to the advertising world – undeniable passion, excellent client service skills, and a tried and true approach to marketing.

There aren’t many things we can promise, but one thing we can promise is that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who treats you and your company better than us.

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