What is Paid Search?

Paid Search consists of the paid ads at the top of a search result, whether on the Google, Bing, or some other network. These ads are great for low funnel conversions, leads, or sales because users are 50% more likely to convert than organic traffic. Individuals are looking directly for an answer to a question, and if you’re at the top of the listing you have a high potential for a click and a high potential at a conversion.


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It’s crucial to set expectations, projections, and goals based on your company’s initiatives.

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We utilize keyword research to formulate a marketing strategy catered to your exact goals.

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We stay ahead of the game and pay attention to your account like it deserves & provide monthly calls.

Most accounts can get up and running in only 2-weeks.


A customer looking for a product or service will type in their inquiry into a search browser. Ads will then be triggered at the top of the page, showing highly relevant results to that search. The better performing your ad, the higher your ad will show.


Google makes it very easy for anyone to run their own ads on the search results, but make it very hard to do it the right way. By partnering with the Right Agency who has experience, expertise, and results you can see strong performance from this channel. We build each account from the ground up to be highly customized and highly relevant to play in favor of the Google ranking algorithms – specifically quality score. By improving quality score we can get lower costs and allow your money to work harder for you.

Instead of spending $5.00 on a click with a low quality score, you could see that same keyword have a $2.00 cost-per-click by focusing on improving the quality score. This is incredible for small businesses, teams, or organizations looking to get a leg up against the competition. We have over 20 years experience running digital marketing campaigns between us. We’ve worked with businesses all over the map from a multitude of industries. Paid search can be applied virtually to any marketing strategy and works really well alongside traditional mediums.

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``They a great agency to deal with, but their creativity, knowledge, follow-up, and proactive attention to our account has been truly gratifying and eye-opening.``

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