Display ads are the image ads that show up on the right hand side, top, or middle sections of a webpage. These ads can be pesky, but are excellent at general awareness. Think about radio or TV – how many times have you seen that commercial that is stuck in your head? Similar with display, the more you advertise, the more consumers are going to see and recognize your product. Initially users may not click on the ad, but overtime, they begin to believe they’re “missing out” and begin engaging with your advertising. The whole goal is to drive search traffic through recognition.


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A consumer browsing the internet will be shown these banners across the web based on interest, contextual, and previous behaviors. Once clicked, it’ll take them to your website’s landing page to provide more info.


Display is usually the first line of offense when it comes to awareness online. The banners are extremely cheap and can drive impression and click numbers not seen by any other channel. If you’ve checked out our Paid Search page, you should know it’s good at generating search interest as well. It’s the top of the funnel for most marketing mixes. On Google, you can target users contextually through their past behavior, current interests, or information on the web page they visit to hit the right person at the right time in the cycle. Getting hyper focused on these targeting options is highly beneficial.

There’s another type of display advertising called programmatic display. It applies to companies that specialize in CPM bidding by utilizing multiple data lists based on cookie data. It’s a great way to target even better than Google and allow you to hit your target audience with impressive frequency numbers. Display can be problematic if the campaign goal is conversions though. Think of it this way – you’re interrupting people while they browse the internet. The click-through-rates on display is drastically lower than Search and conversion rates follow suit. But if you want to get a message out, look no further than a strong display effort.

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