3 Takeaways from SMX Advanced Conference

In June, I traveled to Seattle to attend the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) Advanced Conference. SMX is a yearly conference that covers all things related to online search advertising. It covers new releases from Google AdWords and Bing Ads over the past year primarily. The conference is a great opportunity to meet other search analysts and share strategies with one another. Not everyone was fortunate enough to go, so in order to lend a hand I’ve outlined a few key things below. 


(1)Layer in Audiences on Top of Your Search Campaigns

Google and Bing will both be rolling out In-market audiences for search campaigns later this year. In-market audiences are people who Google/Bing deems as likely to be in the market to purchase something in these categories based on past browsing history or ads they have clicked on. Examples of these categories are Apparel, Automotive, Electronics, Travel, etc. Layering these audiences on top of your keyword targeting for search will allow you to bid up or down on the people in these categories depending on their value to your business.


(2) If You Are Trying to Talk to Everyone, No One Hears You

Another big talking point in many of the sessions was tailoring your message to a specific audience. Different genders and age groups communicate in different ways and your message should match that form of communication. Many advertisers are beginning to create specific ads for men and specific ads for women, in order to match their preferred ways of communicating. The same is being done for age groups as customers in their 20s communicate different from customers in their 60s. Having specific ads tailored to a defined group of people will make sure your message resonates in the right way and give those customers the feeling that your brand is speaking to them on a personal level.


(3) Constantly Test New Approaches

Testing your ads and campaigns should be part of every company’s strategy. How can you ever beat your previous performance if you continue to do the same thing each time? You should always be testing ad copy, landing pages, keyword bids, and audience targeting to make sure you are not missing out on any new opportunities. It is also important to recognize that it’s alright for a test to fail. Not every test you run is going to beat the control group. However, it is still important to try these tests because the one test that does work is the one that can move the needle for your entire campaign.


If you would like these strategies part of your online marketing, reach out to us to find out how we can work together to get the best results for your business!

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